Trefilação União de Metais Trefilação União de Metais Trefilação União de Metais Trefilação União de Metais

Founded in 1958 with the goal of providing high quality drawn steel to the Brazilian industry, Trefilação UNIÃO de Metais s.a. began its activities in the Mooca neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo (state of São Paulo), with its first unit of 1,200 square meters. Keeping pace with the growth of the domestic market, the company migrated to the largest auto center of the country, in São Bernardo do Campo (state of São Paulo) and now occupies an area of 32,000 square meters. This growth is reflective of its ongoing development and affirmation in the domestic and international markets.















Designed and built within the most modern industrial design, it was formed and directed to become a cutting edge drawing company, able to meet the most sophisticated requirements.

It’s a company whose capital is 100% national, which, along its more than 50 years of existence, develops technologies contributing to the industry growth and the development of the country.

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